Beef Bourguinon

Beef BourguignonThis dish to me might be the perfect winter comfort food! This would be a great dish to make for friends and family.  It can be made well in advance, leaving you more time to enjoy your company.

This recipe is from Julia Child’s Cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”.  The recipe calls for stewing beef, however we used Beef Shanks instead and it was delicious!

Whenever possible we like to buy our meat or produce directly from the farm.  I like knowing where the product is coming from and also knowing the quality as well.  We purchased our Beef from an Alberta farm called Rose Ridge Farms.  Check out their website for all of the products that they provide.

If you are going to try out this recipe give yourself plenty of time.  You do not want to rush anything.  Plus the great thing about this is the longer the dish cooks the better it gets! Slow and Steady!

Follow this link for steps on how to make this great dish! Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon



Raclette Dinner Party

Its been a little bit since my last post so its time to catch up!

A couple of weeks ago we went for dinner to Mr. & Ms. Getty’s house for a Raclette Dinner Party! Raclette and Fondues might be one of my favourite ways to have a dinner party! I love how the dinner takes extra long because everyone is grazing and chatting! Also Raclette is a great dinner party idea if you are limited by the foods that you can eat or if you are just trying to eat a bit healthier!

My sis and her hubs also joined us and brought some very yummy wine to try!

The Getty’s are well experienced “Racletters” (I don’t think that is a word but we are just going to go with it)! They had everything from cheese, veggies to different meats! It was such a great time!

Thank you Getty’s and can’t wait for the next one!

Things to try at your next Raclette:


Roasted Peppers

Raclette 1

Raclette 2

Raclette 3