Jamie’s Italian in Yorkdale

So I have to admit that I have a small (BIG) crush on Jamie Oliver.  I can’t help it, he is just amazing! So when I was in Toronto recently for a conference and saw that he has a restaurant there, I took it as a sign.  A BIG SIGN…eat here…drag your friends here…hahahaha!

Lucky enough that I have some pretty awesome friends who will come with me whereever I want to eat so it was pretty easy to convince them!

So off we went! Got the reservation…check, get the uber…check, get your friends…check AND WE WERE OFF!

Now the restaurant from where we were staying was a good 30 minute drive but it was worth it!

We show up and were seated…guess where we were seated? Right…by…the…OPEN KITCHEN.  Now granted everyone in the restaurant was seated in the same area, but thats not the point.  The point is that this is always the best seat in the house.  Its like being at your own viewing of a cooking show.  Whenever you go and eat somewhere, ask if they have a chefs counter, it won’t dissapoint!

The food was awesome! To start we shared the Crispy Ravioli, this is such a great appetizer to do for a crowd…hmmm…side note – remember to do a post on this one…and we shared the Charcuterie Board.  Ms. Munro and I … well actually everyone in my life…has a healthy love of charcuterie boards.  They are just soooo good! The cured meats, the pickled vegetables, cheese, olives…I could go on and on but I think we get the point.

Then for dinner I had “Gennaro’s Tagiliatelle Bolognese”.  Now this sauce, I could dream about this sauce over and over again.  Slow cooked pork and beef in a red wine sauce….ugh…so good!! Ms. Munro had the Fresh Crab Spaghetti, Ms. Cool had Gennaro’s Famour Porchetta and Ms. Cox had the Fish with olives and tomatoes.  We each tried a little bit of everyone’s and I can say that everything was delicious!

If you are in Toronto…eat here!!

Crispy Ravioli with Spicy Tomato Sauce
Charcuterie Board
Gennaro’s Tagliatelle Bolognese
Gennaro’s Famous Porchetta
Fresh Crab Spaghetti
Whole Roasted Fish with Olives and Tomato

Sabor Restaurant in Edmonton

On Friday night my Hubs, sister-in-law and mom-in-law and I went and checked out Sabor Restaurant in Edmonton.  After reading a bit about the restaurant, I was really interested to check it out!  They have influences of Portuguese and Spanish, but they are also an Oceanwise Certified Restaurant.  I was up for having some really good seafood and wine!

The decor and vibe of the restaurant was so nice! From the hardwood floors to the lighting, I loved it all! The restaurant was actually a lot bigger then I thought it was going to be! Whether you wanted to sit in the front lounge area or the in the restaurant, they have the space!

For the Food!

I could have sat there all night just ordering the Share Plates! They were so good and a very good portion that all 4 of us were able to have some of each.  For the Share Plates we ordered Tuna Carpaccio, the Grilled Piri-Piri Prawns, Caesar Salad and the Clams & Pork Belly.  My two favourites were the Piri-Piri Prawns, the prawns were grilled perfectly and the spice was so good! My other favourite hands down was the Clams & Pork Belly…AMAZING! The clams were cooked perfectly and the pork belly was perfectly crispy! I would go back just for that one!

For Dinner we ordered the Seafood Paella, Tagliatelle with Prawns, Chinook Salmon and the Lobster Risotto. I had some of the Lobster Risotto and I think that was my favourite out of the 4!

The one big disappointment was that we didn’t leave enough room for Desert! But hey thats just a good excuse to go back!

If you are in Edmonton make sure you stop at Sabor!

Sabor Restaurant

New York! Take Me Back!

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” – Tom Wolfe

We had an amazing weekend in New York City! We wandered, ate, drank, ate, wandered…well you get the idea! I’ve realized that you could continuously go back to New York City and every trip would be different.  There is just so much to see and do there, which is amazing!

We stayed at the Roosevelt hotel which is beautiful and rich in history.  Great location and great lounge, our room was a little small but that didn’t really bother us. We traveled on the red eye so by the time we got there we were pretty tired.  But the hotel was able to get us an early check in so we got to have a bit of a nap before going out and exploring the City.  Thank goodness!

Our first dinner in New York City was at 21 Club.   The 21 Club has been featured in many movies and tv shows, a couple being Wall Street, One Fine Day and one of my favourite all time shows Sex and the City! The service and food was great and the decor in the restaurant was very unique! Later that evening we had tickets to Cabaret at the Studio 54 Club.  Unfortunately we didn’t take into account how hard it would be to get a cab after dinner and so we ended up running a couple blocks to the Theatre in order to get in before the doors closed (broken shoe and all!).  Cabaret was AMAZING! Staring Alan Cumming and Emma Stone! They had the audience involved from the very beginning.  Both Mr. Cumming and Ms. Stone were so good and the rest of the cast did not disapoint either.

The following night was Valentines Day! Keith and I had reservations at Pearl & Ash, more on that later, but before dinner we decided to go to the Empire State Building. Up we went to the very top, within 20 minutes we saw 2 proposals which were so sweet! Took a couple of photos and got back in side!

And now…Dinner at Pearl & Ash…  I have been looking forward to this dinner for months and am an avid follower of their restaurant on Instagram.   As soon as we walked in the restaurant I was so happy! The staff was welcoming and quickly had us seated.  We were first seated at the front table which was really cozy set back in a bay window.  However, it was pretty cold and we ended up being moved to a back table (which I was secretly happy about because we got to see more of what was going on through out the restaurant).  The Dinner for the evening was a set menu with 7 courses. Ranging from a fried oyster to tea smoked chicken to french toast with chocolate, cherries and lemongrass. Every course was so good and hard to pick a favourite but I would have to say that the first course of a fried oyster with a cauliflower mouse was so good! And went so well with the champagne!

Our last meal in New York was at the Strip House, we were recommended to go there from our server at lunch. Inside the restaurant is decorated with Burlesque theme, from the black and white photos on the wall to the velvet wallpaper (that I want to find and put in my ensuite) to the napkins.  The menu is all a la carte the side plates are great compliments to probably the most mouth watering steaks you will ever have! We started with the Strip House Roasted Bacon with Arugula and Russian Dressing (enough said) and for our mains we ordered the filet mignon and the 12 ounce steak that they had on special that night.  For our sides we had the Roasted Cauliflower, Crisp Goose Fat Potatoes and our server sent over the Creamed Corn with Pancetta (picture whole corn stewed with creme and pancettas and then poured into small roasting dishes, top it off with breadcrumbs and then bake to perfection!).  Then when we thought we could eat anything more a slice of best home made cheesecake showed up at our table.  We were so full!

Here are a few pics from our trip!

nyc1 nyc2

I can’t wait for our next trip to New York City! What are your favourite spots in New York?

New York City Here We Come!

Alright everyone I need some help! My Hubs surprised me at Christmas with a trip to New York City for Valentines Day! Which is possibly the most romantic gift I have ever been given! So I need some help with where we should eat…of course! I am open to all suggestions and all areas of that beautiful City!

What is the best meal you have had in New York?

What do you think the most romantic restaurant in New York City is?

Best places for Brunch or Lunch?

Thanks Everyone!


Anniversary Dinner at Corso32

My Hubs and I had quite a busy summer! But now that it is over we decided to treat ourselves and celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with a dinner at Corso 32.  I was first told about Corso 32 from my sister and her husband.  She had been hearing that it was a great new restaurant in Edmonton but hadn’t had a chance to make it there.  So about a year ago my good friend, Ms. Cool, and I went and checked it out! It was awesome! So when my Hubs and I decided to head to the City for the weekend and celebrate our Anniversary I knew exactly where we should go! I had called ahead and asked if we could do a tasting menu for our dinner.  My Hubs and I love doing this, it gives you an opportunity to try more items on the menu and its just something different to.  Some restaurants will have set tasting menus but if you don’t see it being offered, don’t be shy and ask if that is something that they can do!

Corso 32 is a small Italian restaurant…and I mean small! I love how from the outside you wouldn’t even really know that there is a restaurant until you get almost right up to the door.  Once you are inside there are just small tables grouped together in a very cozy atmosphere.  I also love that even though the restaurant is small and the tables are close together it still felt very intimate and no issue having your own conversation…if that makes sense 😉

We decided to also do wine pairings with our meals which was a great idea and I am so happy that we did it! Our server was awesome and very knowledgeable and did not push us or try to hurry us through the courses.

We had 6 course and ranged from a prosciutto and cheese plate to probably the best braised short rib that I have had in my life!

If you are in Edmonton make sure you make it to Corso 32, you will not be disappointed!


Rolf & Daughters…Simply Delicious

What a way to end an amazing trip to Nashville! For our last dinner in this great City we made reservations for Rolf & Daughters! I had first heard about Rolf & Daughters in an article that was published in Bon Appetit Magazine, in which they were named #3 Restaurant in America for 2013. When we were able to get our reservation there I was so excited!

What I love about Nashville is that a lot of the restaurants are in old houses or old wharehouse areas. I loved Rolf & Daughters place, they had an outdoor patio area that looked like it would be amazing to have dinner there sometime in the summer. Just another excuse for me to go back!

We started out our meal with their Charcuterie Platter and some of their pickled beets. A lot of the meals are meant for sharing (which was just one of the many things I loved) my hubs, mom-in-law and I decided to all order one of the pasta options and also the 2 vegetable plates. I had the Bucatini fra diavolo which had the perfect amount of heat, so it didn’t take away the rest of the flavours from dish. Rolf & Daughters also make all of their pastas in-house, first time that I have had Bucatini and it was great! The plates had the perfect amount of food and still left room for desert…of course!

I have to say that as amazing as the food was, we also had awesome service. Which I really feel can make or break a dinner!

My pictures do not do enough justice but short of me pulling out my big Nikon camera…which would be a big no-no, my iPhone will have to do.

If you are ever in Nashville do not miss out on going to this awesome restaurant!






Husk in Nashville

Last night we had an Amazing Meal at Husk. The food and also just as important the service was awesome. I have been wanting to eat at Husk since we booked or trip to Nashville and it did not disappoint!

We had the Rappahannock Oysters, HUSK Charcuterie Plate and the BBQ Pork Ribs to start. The Oysters were by far my favourite followed closely by the pickled veggies on the Charcuterie Plate!

For Dinner I had the Carolina Trout which was good. It had a nice crispy skin on the outside and delicious flavours. My Hubs had the house special Rib Eye Steak which had a Worcestershire Sauce that was to die for! I definitely want to get my hands on that recipe! My Mom-In-Law, Mrs. Gartner, had the Tanglewood Farm Chicken with Potato Dumplings!

For Dessert I had the Strawberry Pie and Buttermilk Ice Cream. I have never had a strawberry pie before and it was so good! Plus who can resist pie and ice cream?! Um no one! haha!

If you are in Nashville do not miss eating here!