21 Day Clean Eating Cleanse…FINISHED!

Well that is that…I finished my cleanse! After the 2nd Week of Juicing I welcomed the 3rd week with open arms! I was so happy to eat something it wasn’t even funny!

My 3rd week was going back to how I was eating the 2nd week and reintroducing foods. I have taken a lot from this cleanse. It really pointed out to me areas in my diet that were really not good. Also I used to eat a lot at night, especially right before bed. It was nothing for me to have a bagel with peanut butter right before going to bed and then wondering why it took me forever to get to sleep? Hmmm I wonder why!s

My hubs and I have decided to bring more of a Clean Eating/Paleo diet into our lives. After reading more about the Paleo way of eating, it actually makes a lot of sense for us to follow it. Paleo is mainly Dairy Free & Grain Free and trying to eat as organically as possible. That being said, am I never going to eat pasta, rice or bread ever again? Probably not, instead of putting all these limits on myself and just setting myself up to fail, I have to realize that I will probably have pasta, rice or bread at some point again…and that is OKAY!

A lot of people that follow the Paleo Diet, follow a 80/20 rule. 80% of the time is strict Paleo and 20% of the time is not. This works for me, I honestly love food way too much to try and say that I will never have a bad carb or grain ever again in my life.

Paleo is not for everyone, just like Clean Eating or Weight Watchers or any other diet. My best advice is read into everything and ask yourself if it is something that you can do. Make sure that your diet is going to work with your lifestyle.

Now when chatting with friends I have been asked if I would do this cleanse again and I can honestly say that I definitely will! I feel more refreshed, energized and ready to start a change! I can see myself doing this again after vacations and holidays to bring myself back on track!

So thank you to my friend Mrs. Munro for giving this to me and I hope you all will continue to follow me on my foodie adventures!

3rd Week

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