21 Day Clean Eating Cleanse Challenge…Juice Week

JUICING! So I am on day 5 of the Juice portion of my cleanse. The recommendation is for 3-7 days of Juicing or as long as you can handle it. I am at day 5 and feel that I’ve had all I can handle!

Just like the first week, this stage took a lot of planning as well. So I went with the same steps and planned out everything which also made it a lot easier for grocery shopping. My first couple of days started out really well with the Juicing. I felt pretty good, had energy, a little hungry but not too bad. But as the days went on I feel myself getting very tired and very hungry. Very hungry for food!

When talking with fiends that have done a juice cleanse before, some of them had weird reactions. I noticed that in the first couple of days my face was a little itchy and really if I am being honest, for the last 5 days I have been just a tad bit irritable…just a little bit.

So what am I going to take away from the 2nd portion of this cleanse?

– I actually really like beet juice! Especially mixed with Mango, Cucumber and Celery (my fave!)!
– This summer I really want to make our own juice at home!

What did my husband take away from my juicing? He also wants us to make fresh juice…but for fresh cocktails…haha…

So now for my 3rd week, I am back to what I was doing in the first week and I am so excited to have food again!

Stay Tuned!

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  1. Cathy

    Never tried one but you make it sound wonderful and delightful. Cann’t wait to hear the next faze. Now that we have a juicer will be making some of those wonderful drinks. Might loose a few lbs.


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