Rolf & Daughters…Simply Delicious

What a way to end an amazing trip to Nashville! For our last dinner in this great City we made reservations for Rolf & Daughters! I had first heard about Rolf & Daughters in an article that was published in Bon Appetit Magazine, in which they were named #3 Restaurant in America for 2013. When we were able to get our reservation there I was so excited!

What I love about Nashville is that a lot of the restaurants are in old houses or old wharehouse areas. I loved Rolf & Daughters place, they had an outdoor patio area that looked like it would be amazing to have dinner there sometime in the summer. Just another excuse for me to go back!

We started out our meal with their Charcuterie Platter and some of their pickled beets. A lot of the meals are meant for sharing (which was just one of the many things I loved) my hubs, mom-in-law and I decided to all order one of the pasta options and also the 2 vegetable plates. I had the Bucatini fra diavolo which had the perfect amount of heat, so it didn’t take away the rest of the flavours from dish. Rolf & Daughters also make all of their pastas in-house, first time that I have had Bucatini and it was great! The plates had the perfect amount of food and still left room for desert…of course!

I have to say that as amazing as the food was, we also had awesome service. Which I really feel can make or break a dinner!

My pictures do not do enough justice but short of me pulling out my big Nikon camera…which would be a big no-no, my iPhone will have to do.

If you are ever in Nashville do not miss out on going to this awesome restaurant!






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