Husk in Nashville

Last night we had an Amazing Meal at Husk. The food and also just as important the service was awesome. I have been wanting to eat at Husk since we booked or trip to Nashville and it did not disappoint!

We had the Rappahannock Oysters, HUSK Charcuterie Plate and the BBQ Pork Ribs to start. The Oysters were by far my favourite followed closely by the pickled veggies on the Charcuterie Plate!

For Dinner I had the Carolina Trout which was good. It had a nice crispy skin on the outside and delicious flavours. My Hubs had the house special Rib Eye Steak which had a Worcestershire Sauce that was to die for! I definitely want to get my hands on that recipe! My Mom-In-Law, Mrs. Gartner, had the Tanglewood Farm Chicken with Potato Dumplings!

For Dessert I had the Strawberry Pie and Buttermilk Ice Cream. I have never had a strawberry pie before and it was so good! Plus who can resist pie and ice cream?! Um no one! haha!

If you are in Nashville do not miss eating here!









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