Christmas Salad

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…you know what that means right? Dinner Parties! On Sunday evening my hubs and I were invited over for dinner to a friends house for a holiday potluck dinner. I offered to bring my Christmas Salad:

Mixed Lettuce
Goats Cheese
Cherry Tomatoes
Pomegranate Seeds
Sliced Red Onion

This is such an easy and quick recipe which is perfect for your busy holiday schedule!

Take a pan and heat up a little bit of butter, meanwhile slice your pears and add them to the pan and sprinkle with fresh black pepper. Let that go for about a minute and then add a little bit of balsamic vinegar. You don’t need a lot, I let that cook down so that it almost thickens up with the pears. Then remove from the pan and let cool on a separate plate. Take your sliced red onion and add them to the pan and sauté until tender.

In your bowl or platter or whatever dish you are going to use, put down the lettuce, chopped cherry tomatoes, then arrange your pears in the middle and then crumble goats cheese all over.

I was watching Jamie Oliver Christmas special and he took a pomegranate slice it in half and the smacked the back of it with a knife and magically all the seeds just sprinkled out. Well that looked easy enough to me so thought I would give it a try! For me the seeds did not come out easy and I ended up just shooting pomegranate juice everywhere including onto my husband standing there helping me in a white shirt! So if anyone has tips on how I can do that better the next time, please help!

If you feel that you need a dressing for this salad it would taste good with just a simple light olive oil dressing!




  1. Cathy

    I thought the salad looked awesome. Very christmassy(if there is such a word lol) Definitely have to make that at Ft Myers. So easy to make my kind of salad


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