Koutouki Taverna

This weekend the Gartner family gathered together to celebrate my mother in-laws 60th birthday! It was a great weekend filled with laughter, some wine and great food! My mother in-law is a huge fan of Greek food so we decided to check out Koutouki Taverna for her birthday dinner!

What a great restaurant! When we first walked into the restaurant we were hit by an overwhelming delicious smell of garlic (which instantly made me happy!). On Friday and Saturday nights the restaurant is filled with music, belly dancers and don’t be surprised if you get picked up to dance around the restaurant and enjoy your complimentary shot of Ouzo!

We sampled a little bit of everything for appies including grilled calamari, dolmades, mussels and shrimp. All of our entrées came with Greek salad as one of the sides, so instead of bringing everyone their individual salads they served a huge bowl of Greek salad that could be served family style.

Family style has to be the best, I just love how it just pulls everyone in to the dinner and creates conversations! For my entrée I had the Arni Kleftico (slow roasted lamb), it was so good and crazy tender!

Overall this restaurant was a gem to find! From the food, atmosphere and the great staff, you don’t want to miss eating there if you have a chance!



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