Napa Review


We spent three days in Calistoga which is in the Northern area of Napa and was amazing. After our amazing meal at Sol Bar, my hubs and I decided to take a little time for ourselves. He went golfing at the Eagle Vine Golf Course and I indulged at the Spa at the Solage Calistoga, which was amazing! We later met up in the afternoon and just chilled out at the hotel at the private pool! It was a great day!

The next day was beautiful out and I went for a run, even though I was running on the main road on either side of me were all these beautiful wineries that just helped me to relax and have a great run!

For that afternoon we borrowed some of the pedal bikes from the hotel and went on our own wine tour complete with the best taco truck (check em out at @gitanatacotruck!) and ended at the best winery Lava Vine! If you ever go to the Calistoga area do not forget to stop here. The guys that own the winery were so nice and down to earth and chatted with us about everything including a little bit of food! That evening we had dinner at Jolee and were able to sit at the Chef’s counter! The meal was amazing and we also had some pretty good company. We met the owners of a boutique Bed n Breakfast called Luxe (Check em out at!) Chris & Brent were so nice and perfect company to end our trip!


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